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Social Security Disability Representation

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Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Income may be available to you if you are insured by Social Security and have become disabled and are no longer able to do significant gainful activity. “Significant gainful activity” means not earning more than $1,040 monthly in 2013. That number is increased periodically by the Social Security Administration.

If you are insured by Social Security, the next step will be to determine whether or not you are medically disabled under Social Security guidelines. Generally, you must show that you cannot do any work (or minimal work) based on your age, education, and disabling conditions which limit you functionally. The disability must be due to a “severe impairment” supported by doctors.

Just because you cannot do work does not necessarily mean that you are considered to be disabled. Social Security will consider whether or not there is any other work that you would be able to do, even if it means you may earn less money. Social Security will also consider how the disabling conditions affect you in your everyday life activities, including such things as bathing, dressing, cleaning, shopping, etc.

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