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Estate Planning in Florence, AL

If you need legal help with estate planning, contact the Law Office of Johnson, Paseur, and Medley of Florence, AL. Give us a call today at 256-766-3131. Our goal is to help you through what can be an overwhelming practice. What makes it even more difficult is the thought of a passing of a loved one.

When you contact us, we'll set up a free initial consultation. We'll then offer legal advice to avoid future issues and guarantee that families, friends, and business partners are set up for success. We'll help allocate assets, initiate Power of Attorney, form trusts, wills, and more. 

The attorneys at Johnson, Paseur, and Medley will work diligently to ensure our plan is in place as soon as possible. 

An estate includes all belongings a person possesses at the time of their death. Estates can include:

What's Included In an Estate?

  • Real Estate Properties
  • Bank Accounts
  • Stocks and Other Investments
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Valuable Personal Property Such as Vehicles, Jewelry, and Artwork

Let Us Help With Estate Planning

We understand how tough it can be when a loved one passes away. We're also aware that it may require help to handle the grief. Over the past several years, we have written countless wills ranging from simple to complex. We can also assist with litigation involving the contesting of wills and disputes regarding inheritance.

For estate planning services, contact our team at 256-766-3131.

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